Business Development
and Sales Service

Delivered by an experienced professionals, flexible, affordable and quick. This is no longer out of reach for startups in clinical development, healthcare services and IT.

About Us

We are BD as a Service, a Contract Sales Organization working in Health Technology

We have background in biotechnology, clinical development services and healthcare IT. I provide both strategic advice and hands-on execution, utilising my broad experience and extensive network of contacts. I come supported by a team of dedicated lead generators.

The Areas We Cover Are

Drug and Device Development, Preclinical and Clinical Research, Real World Data, Healthcare

We started in 2019, and have grown to a team of 12 people since then, serving an ever increasing number of clients.

Our Services

What Do We Do?

We generate leads, do the outreach, maintain prospect databases, schedule initial and follow up meetings and facilitate the process of proposal discussion and contract signature. Essentially, we take care of all the routine parts of the sales process, leaving you with the most exciting part – direct contact with the client.

Lead Generation

We will identify and research potential clients for your product, and identify the people to contact

Appointment Scheduling

We will run outreach campaigns, handle replies and schedule meetings, putting you in front of interested prospects

Follow Up

We will send follow up messages, track opportunities and facilitate further meetings/contract signatures

Our Clients

What Do People Say About Us?

We work with a diverse set of organizations – what is common about them is that, as a rule, they are vendor/outsourcing companies active in the Pharma/Device/Healthcare markets. We operate in North America and in Europe, and usually this is where our clients come from.

We typically work with innovative organizations smaller than 200 people, offering differentiated services and products. Around 70% of our clients are IT companies, with the rest covered by outsourcing, research and consulting services.

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If you'd like to speak to us, just drop us a call or an email. We’ll be happy to talk to you and explain how my service could fit in with your goals.

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